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Cody and Noah Part Eight
Alejandro Makes a Pass
Cody's Flashback/Noah's Dilema


"Hey man, thanks for doing this." Noah said "Anything amigo." The boys sat down at Alejandro's computer desk 'I have to make sure this all goes well' he thought to himself 'If I do, he'll understand why we need each other… now if only I could see what's on his mind?' As Noah pulled out his notebook, he thought 'Did I leave my lamp on?'  Alejandro smiled at Noah and said "My parents are out for the night, so to night it's just me and my sister Marta"  "You have a sister?" "Si, she was the one watching 'Celebrity Deathmatch' when you came in. She rarely talks, ever... or smiles."  As the boys were upstairs, Marta remained downstairs, watching 'Celebrity Deathmatch' "They have to put this back on, I sent them a letter suggesting Justin Beiber against Rebecca Black. Who ever the hell those two are…." "She will be down there a while, so we'll be alright." Noah nodded his head and they went on with a head start of the next English lesson.

As the two studied and Marta was lost in 'Celebrity Deathmatch', Alejandro wanted to get more into Noah. Around 8:47, he asked him "Noah, did you have any interest in a girl?" Noah almost dropped his mechanical pencil "Not really…" Alejandro smiled behind Noah's back "Well, I did find Misty from 'Pokemon' pretty hot…" "Que?"  "Nothing!" Alejandro was curious about Noah, he then asked "What about Heather?" Noah looked up at him and said "Well, being honest. I kinda felt like I kinda liked her…" Alejandro's eye started twitching. "Oh, d-did you…?" "Yeah, I actually wanted to be, you know…" "Know what?" "Well, more than friends…." Alejandro tried to control his emotions, he took deep breaths and said "But, how do you feel about her now?" Noah's smile disappeared "Well… I-I just don't really know," "I feel your pain amigo, you see, I once liked Heather" "What!?" Alejandro turned his seat towards Noah "Let me explain, it was last summer and we just clicked at a Last Day of School party. It did start early but, I was blind to what Heather really was..." Noah needed to know what Alejandro ment, but he didn't even know why. "You see one day, Heather and I were out when she left for the bathroom. Then, two girls from out of town asked me to where the nearest coffee store was. I told them where to go and they thanked me by flirting." Noah listened to Alejandro's story. "Now listen amigo, Heather came back and saw the girls flirting with me as they left. She then showed her true colors; Heather is a very jealous person, she did not like it when I was near other girls."

He went on about his summer relationship with Heather, Alejandro said that not also was Heather a jealous person, she also became controlling and manipulative, leading to their breakup. "Yes, it was painful, but I think Heather almost learned her lesson. Almost." Noah thought Heather was a sweet girl, not what Alejandro said she was "B-But you said that people in Ridgewood change, so maybe she did change." Alejandro placed a hand on Noah's shoulder "True, they do. But I think Heather changed when she was little, from a sweet person to a  manipulative, lying, sneaky, backstabbing, two-timing, lying about giving boys directions when she was obviously locking lips while I was away so she could-!" Stopping quickly, he looked back at Noah. Who had a worried "I-Should-Get-The-Hell-Outta-Here" expression. Putting the axe back under his bed, he sat down "What I am trying to say is, I had to do that." "Pull out that random axe?" "No, tell the truth about Heather.. She isn't the girl you thought she was." Noah looked down and slid his hand into his pocket. He felt the paper were Heather gave him her number. Alejandro knew Noah was upset "Noah, I know you're upset. But there will be someone else for you, I might know a person…" Noah turned to Alejandro and asked "You do?" "Of course amigo." He shot him a smile and Noah slowly sat up "Well, out of curiosity, do you know who she is?" Alejandro laughed a bit and said "Well. 'She' had her eyes on you for quite a while. 'She' always found you attractive, 'She' would keep you happy…" As he spoke, he leaned in closer to Noah. "'She' likes a person like you, 'She' dreams about you at night, 'She' knows how to… well how to say…' he moved his hand from his shoulder to Noah's chest, he slip his fingers into the collar, his nails barely touched his chest.

"Uh, Alejandro??" Noah asked in confusion "What are you…" before he could finish, Alejandro placed two fingers up to his lips 'Now I'm freaked out…'  "Let me finish. 'She believes the two of you go together, 'She' would never cheat on you, and 'She' would love to feel your lips touch 'hers'…" Next thing he knew, Alejandro was one inch away from his face. "I left my house on fire before I come here, so I should go home and call… the Green Hornet before…" Noah tried to finish his excuse, but Alejandro silenced him and moved in closer. "'She' wouldn't like it if you left, 'She' would make up an excuse just to be alone with you. And finally, 'She' is me." Noah stopped breathing at his last words 'Oh sh*t, I f*cked up worse than the guys from "The Hangover!' Alejandro then grabbed his collar and pulled him too close to him.

Noah immediately released himself and backed up from Alejandro. As he did, the Latino male took off his shirt and aimed for Noah "Wha-wha, what are you doing!?" he asked in confusion and fear "Isn't it obvious, Noah?" he said in a seductive tone "You know you cannot resist" Noah crawled back only to bump into the wall. Alejandro stood up and walked towards him. Noah backed down, but Alejandro reached down, grabbed his arm, and hoisted Noah up to his bare, muscular chest. "After tonight, you may not walk for about," Alejandro looked away and counted on his fingers "Uh… three days. But it will be worth it…" Noah automatically knew what Alejandro's intentions were and what he was gonna do, especially since Alejandro had his hand in the front of Noah's pants for the last seven seconds… "Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!" Noah said, prying himself from Alejandro "I don't care what psychotic fans say or write on DeviantArt or fan sites!" Alejandro just smiled and told Noah to relax "Why would you do this!? Why would you lie about Heather!?" Noah asked


Alejandro said "If Heather continued on, she would have you end up like me. But if you're with me, that would never happen"  Noah then asked "But what else did you do?" "You know, after that blame someone put on Cody, you found yourself without someone, and all I had to do was finish my part and take you…." Noah tilted his head in confusion "Put the Blame on? Finish my part? What does that…?" Noah then recalled the pep rally, and the grease and the screws and found out what happened "You caused it!" he said "You sabotaged the band's routine, put the labels on the grease cans, places the screws, it was all you!" "Guilty as I am sexy…." Alejandro admitted, placing his hand on his chest.  Dumbfounded, Noah questioned why Alejandro would do it, he explained "It is called amor, Noah It makes, even the most focused person can fall victim and act like, a little child." Alejandro went closer to Noah who slipped to the door "But get me and Cody in this!?" "You want to know? Cody was keeping you away from me, and I could not let that happen. So since he made you completely and rudely brush me off, I had to rid him." Noah was one foot away from the door when Alejandro slammed his hand against the door, holding it shut. "I can't let you leave; I do apologize for the suspension mi chico, but don't fret." He leaned close to Noah until he had his torso pressed up against Noah's "I will teach you the lessons you missed, and give you some private lessons in relationships…"


Cody sat in his room holding his Emu Jerry in his lap. He lowered his head as he recalled his childhood with Noah. "I can see it…" he said to himself "I can see it, hear it, and remember it all" Cody closed his eyes and returned to his kindergarten memories.

Callaway Elementary,
The year is 1997
It was the day after Chinese New Year

Two boys were in the kindergarten field, one had light skin with brunette hair and blue eyes. The other had dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. One ran in all directions as the other chased after while wearing a dragon mask. "RAWR! RAWR! I'M GONNA EAT YOU CODY!" The one with black hair "Not if I run faster!" said the brunette with blue eyes. Cody Anderson and Noah Belazye played with their friend's Charlie's Chinese Dragon mask he brought with another form home. The two boys darted around the grassy area of the field, Noah saw Cody through the open mouth of the mask. "I'm gonna get you and eat you!" Noah shouted once again, the two best friends ran all around the field as the other kindergarteners played with other things in the playground. Cody ran along the grey fence as Noah followed. But Noah went to close to the fence and bumped the mask against the fence. Causing it to turn to the side, blocking Noah's sight. "HEY! I CAN'T SEE! I CANT SEE!" Noah than ran flailing his arms as he strayed away from Cody. Cody looked behind him and saw Noah heading another way. "Noah!" he called out "You going the wrong way!" Noah turned his head and fell into a patch of odd-looking plants. "Cody ran over to Noah who was laying in the leaves. "Noah?" he asked "Noah?" he leaned closer until "RAWR!" Noah's arms shot up and he grabbed Cody's shoulders. "Cody let out a small shriek as Noah gripped his shoulders. "Hahahaha!" Noah laughed "I got you! I got you!" Cody released himself from Noah's grip and lifted a long bush leaf. "Not if I slay you, Dragon!" He raised the leaf and hit it against Noah's red shirt; it bent and slid to the left. The boys laughed until they began acting like two wolves. Sometime later the boys were both sent to the nurses' office. They were in a patch of poison ivy that sprouted around the school.

Cody bent forward and smiled to himself. "I can see it all, we had so much fun. And when he had to move…." He pulled Jerry closer to his chest "It was the worst day of my life. I'd thought that I'd never see him again. Only when he came back," Cody began to smile "I knew we could reconnect! I was psyched!"  He tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling, I wonder if he still see's me as his friend?


Noah started to panic, he tried to break free of Alejandro's grasp, but he was easily overpowered "Look man, you can't do this!" "Don't be unhappy, I have protection!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom "It's a Trojan by the way!" "Why am I terrified?! And what's poking my leg?" Alejandro looked down and answered "It's just my…" "I DON'T WANNA KNOW!" Noah shouted. Alejandro calmly said "It's not what you think…" he then took Noah's free hand and placed it down "It's just my wang!" "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!!!" "Just relax, I promise, my sister will not hear us. Once she turns on 'Celebrity Deathmatch' no one gets her attention. Not even what we're about to do."

Noah started to hesitate…
This is Cody and Noah Part Eight!

Now Noah knows how Alejandro feels about him!! Plus, he knows what Alejandro wants from him!!

Cody is missing his best friend... he truely is unhappy....

Part 9: [link]
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