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January 14, 2011
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TDWT - Trust in Alejandro
~Song: Trust in Me (Selena Gomez)


    Bridgette dashed to the woods, looking for the path out. She turned her head and stopped in her tracks, she noticed he was gone.
"I think I lost him" she said panting. But when she turned around "Miss me, senorita?" Alejandro appeared from a bush and walked twards her.
"Dont come any closer!" she threatened, she then pulled her hood over her eyes remebering what happened in the Yukon. "Why not? He questioned "You dont trust me?" Alejandro reached for her hood.
"Pretty much!" she barked as she backed up. Alejandro then said in a calm, yet hypnotic tone "Well then, all I have to say is trust in me...." Next thing Bridgette knew, her hood was off and she made eye contact with Alejandro..

Alejandro:Trust in me
Just in me,

[covers Bridgettes eyes]
Shut your eyes
And trust in me...

Bridgette: [removes Alejandro's hand, backs off]

You can sleep, safe and sound
Knowing I

[places hands on her shoulders]
Am around...
Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a sliver mist
Slowly and surely
your senses will cease to resist...

[Bridgette falls into trance]
Trust in meeee! Just in me!
Close your eyes
and trust in me!

[As Alejandro hypnotically harmonised, Bridgette was almost put into a trance. She shook her head and bolted off. Alejandro noticed the blonde surfer was gone and followed. She then ended up near by an opening in the woods, she thought she was safe until she heard him]

[nearby hedge rustles]

Alejandro: [from afar] Trust in me....
Just in me....

[Bridgette sharply turns around]
Close your eyes
and trust in me....

Bridgette: It could be my mind playing tricks on me...
[turns around, Alejandro jumps from tree, infront of her]

Alejandro: Slip into silet slumber
Sail on a silver mist, slowly and surely
you senses will cease to resist...

Bridgette: Oh my go...[hypnotised]

Alejandro: Trust in meeeee!
Just in me!
Close your eyes
and trust in me!

Trust in me!

Bridgette: [locked in trance]

Alejandro: [hisses gently]
Trust in me.....

As she stood there in a trace, Alejandro gently pushed her up against a nearby tree, he unbottened his shirt then headed for hers, but before he even touched her, an arm shot from the vines and pulled the surfer away. Alejandro stood there dumbfounded off what happened. Pulling Bridgette away from her attacker was Geoff who saw the what was going on. He turned to his girlfriend, stuck in a trance and said "It's aliright Bridge, I'll get you out of this!" Pulling her into his car, he drove off to find Leshawna, thinking she might help him out.
   Stepping out from the woods Alejandro re-bottened his shirt, he watched as Geoff drove away. "Impressive, skateboarder," he said "That was just practice, since I still have it, all I have to do is find my old so-called flame....."
This was just something I had in mind. At first it was gonna be Chris with Gwen or Katie, but I thought Alejandro would fit better. I was also thinking I could use the show's atagonists [Heather, Justin, Courtney, Alejandro] for this, but it may be a little hard. They would each need a person to put in a trance. You can guess what Alejandro was gonna do if Geoff didnt show up in time....

Link for the song: [link]

I would really appreciate it if someone would do fan art for this, my printer broke down so I cant upload anything for a while

Second Part: [link]
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Unless you dont know TDWT, Alejandro was gonna rape her!
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