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Cody and Noah Part Two
The Run In


Ridgewood High School
Chemistry 2 8:19 Am

    Cody was alright with his high school, but there was one downside to it: Sierra Alpine. Out of all the girls in the school, Sierra had a monster crush on him! Cody isn't a bad person, and Sierra isn't a bad person either, Sierra's only a little 'psychotic' and Cody only gets scared by her. In Callikon's Euro class, they had to watch a video on the French revolution, only most of the students were asleep. Cody laid his head on his desk and thought about hid dream once again. "I swear, I know who that little kid from before...." He thought as the video went on, even putting the teacher to sleep. I also know that house, I've seen it before... Cody turned his head and looked out the window Something about that rings so many bells... As soon as Cody said that the bell rang, waking the students in Ms. Callikons class. "Wait wha...?" the dozed off Callikon said. She wiped her green eyes and said "Okay, class, enjoy the rest of your day!" The open air halls were then filled with students heading to their lockers, hanging in their groups, doing their usual thing. Cody sped walked out of his second period class and dove behind a bush. With quick movements, he looked over the bush and scanned the area. "No sign of her." Sierra would pop up by his locker between every class. Most of the time, he'd make it through but Sierra was FAST. "Hiding from your girlfriend, eh?" said a male voice. Cody turned around and behind him was Ezekiel Valor. "She's not my girlfriend Zeke!" he said as he stood up. "Why are you hiding, eh? Her locker is on the other side of the high school!" "I know that! But she's also one of the fastest girls in the school!" Cody pointed out.

    Ezekiel and Cody share third period gym, were Sierra had a different gym teacher, one day they say her class run laps, Sierra out ran everyone! As the two boys made their way to their lockers, Cody was lost about the kid in his last dream. "Is Ms. Callikon showing a video? I heard that she is and that even she fell asleep and..." Ezekiel looked at Cody who was staring into space, he checked the area but didn't see the goth girl Cody would swoon over. "Yo, you awake, eh!?" Zeke clapped his hands in his friends face, waking him up "Whats wrong, you spacing out and Gwen's not near, eh!" Cody shook his head and said "Sorry Zeke, I just had this weird dream last night." Ezekiel closed his locker and and asked him to tell him as they made their way to gym. As they stretched, Ezekiel told Cody "I'm don't know what it means either, eh. But it could be a memory." "A memory?" he replied "The little guy might be someone you knew from when you were younger." Cody thought back to his childhood, though he was a bright child, he couldn't remember back any farther than second grade. "I got nothing! I can't remember!" Ezekiel told him "Well, I guess it could be something else!" Cody agreed and continued their gym period. The class had day of basketball, were Tyler Reyos tried to show off, but failed. The day went on and Cody thought of only what was in his dream: The young kid, what he said, and the house that stood near them. ' I know that little guy, But why cant I remember him?' this was the one thing in Cody's life that confused his mind. "I wish I knew who that kid was!" The next thing Cody knew, he bumped into someone. "Aw man, I'm sorry!" he said as he bent down to sort out his things from the other persons. "Its alright." Said the other person "I'm kinda new here!" "You are?" Cody asked, as he looked up. But when he did, so did the other person, they made eye contact.

And what happened?.....

Ridgewood High School
Chemistry Two 8:21

    After second period ended, Noah and the other students piled out of Mr. Harsigon's Chemistry class and out to their lockers. As Noah went to his he was approached by Alejandro. "Having a good day so far?" He asked with a smile "Noah turned his head and replied "Yeah, it's pretty" Alejandro leaned against the locker besides Noah's and asked "Do you need any help finding your other classes?"  "I have a map of the school. So I should be okay" "Alright amigo" the Spanish teen said. He looked at Noah as he put away his things and noticed something off about him. "Is there something troubling you, Noah?"  "Well, I had this dream last night...." he started "You did?" Alejandro said with sudden interest to know the new student "Tell me, I may know! My cousin is a psychologist." Noah lifted his bag into his locker and told Alejandro about his dream. "I have to admit, I don't really know what your dream may be telling you. But it could be reminding you of something" He said finally "Well, whatever it is, I can't remember. So I should ignore it...." Noah exhaled through his nose "I normally can figure out things harder than this but," Noah leaned his head against his locker, "But is really taking over." Alejandro was about to say something when Noah said he had to get to his next class. "I dread Gym, but I have to go! See ya!" Noah then strolled off, as Alejandro watched him. He shyly waved his hand, smiled and said "Adios amigo." Alejandro wanted to know more about Noah as he could. He thought if he could solve the problem of Noah's dream, he'd gain access to him. But what Alejandro didn't know was why he did anyway. "Could I be...." he asked as he made his way to the front office.

    Noah went through his day and tried not to think about it, but he couldn't get the small boy out of his mind. "That brown hair, the gap in his teeth, I know that from somewhere!" He thought. But as he thought about it, something pounced him like hungry cat. "HEY! NEW STUDENT!" A voice called out. Noah turned around and saw a girl about his age who pounced him. She had long red hair and wild green eyes, she wore a green outfit and even her teeth looked scary. "Wha-who...w-who are you!?" he asked in shock, the girl smiled showing her teeth and said "I'm Izzy McDowel!! And I'm in this class with you!!" Noah shook himself to free his shoulders but Izzy had a tight grip. "Welcome to Ridgewood!" Izzy held her head back and howled like a wolf. Then a tall, muscular girl with black hair. Izzy looked up and said "Hey Eva! Look! A new kid!" she held out Noah like he was prized doll. "He smells like soap!!" Eva walked up and set Noah out of Izzy's grasp. "Don't worry, she's not rabid" Eva told him "I think...." Noah looked at Eva and said "Should I be scared?" she looked at him and said "Don't be." Noah felt slightly better and introduced himself "I'm Noah, by the way. I'm from Eastriver." He held out his hand, but Eva said "I'm Eva." "EASTRIVER!!!???" Izzy said while doing a handstand "I have a cousin who lives in Eastriver! Do you know Jordan McDowel!?" Noah said he did, and knew what he'd go through with Izzy around. After a while, when he was with Izzy and Eva, he found out he had fifth period English with the two.

As Third and fourth period ended and lunch passed, Noah made his way to his locker, and once again the thought of the small kid in his last dream returned to mind. "What if it is a memory? And of what?" Noah was highly intelligent and his grades were amazing, but he could not remember that boy's face. "I know him from somewhere! I just.... don't know what! This is going to drive me crazy!"  Noah continued to his locker and thought "Maybe if I speak with a psychology teacher.... before his thoughts continued, he bumped into someone by a planter. It was another student who dropped their things along with his. "I'm sorry!" the person said, revealing to be a boy. "Its okay, I'm kinda new here!" Noah added, picking up his binder. When he lifted his head, he made eye contact with the student he ran into.

And what happened.....
Here it is Part two!!! Cody is trying to avboid Sierra and figure out his dream! Meanwhile Noah is adjusting to his new school and made three new friends! If you want the next part. wait please!!!

Can Cody out run Sierra?
Can Noah survive with Izzy, even with Eva?
Why was Alejandro watching Noah leave?
What did Alejandro mean when he said "Acess?"

Who did Noah run into?
Who did Cody run into?

What will happen in the next chapter?


EDIT - 1/26/2014
Hey guys, I made a few edits, fixed some spelling problems and removed a few lines, no biggie!

Part 3:
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