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January 30, 2011
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Cody and  Noah
Part Four
English Period
Alejandro's Dream

    In this fifth period English class, there were several different 'breeds' of high school students. First there was Gwen the goth, Heather the Reformed-Nice Girl, Bridgette the surfer, Katie and Sadie the Best Friends forever, Beth the wannabe, Lindsay the blonde cheerleader, Tyler the jock, The delinquent Duncan, Miss Queen of the student body Courtney, Ezekiel the poser, Leshawna the girl with attitude, there's Geoff the party guy, DJ the brick house softie, Izzy the nutcase, Eva the she-hulk, Justin the male model, Trent the guitar man, Harold the nerd, and Owen the human fart machine. Usually the teacher would be out for the first few minutes, leaving the class by themselves. Today Owen thought he could open the door with one of his farts. He went to the door, bent down, and blew a big one. "Ahahahaha! So guys did I do it?" Owen asked. But when he said that, he heard something fall to the ground. "Uh, did I get Mrs. C again?" The students stood up and Geoff said "Dude, you hit someone!" he turned around and saw someone his age on the floor. He had dark skin and hair, and was nearby Cody at the door. "Great Eiffel Tower! Not again!" Cody bent down and said "Owen! Why'd you do that?" "You know him, Cody!" Duncan said "By the way, who is he?" Izzy shot up to the boys and said "This is a new kid!!! Eva and I saw him earlier!! He's Noah of Eastriver!!"  Bridgette walked up and told them "You guys, Noah may be dead!" "I KILLED HIM!!?!?" Owen asked in shock "No Owen, he could just be knocked out!" Cody added. Bridgette lifted up his head when Heather approached them, she bent down on her knees and said "Here, let me try something!" Heather lifted up Noah's head, pulled it close to hers, and shouted "WAKE UP ALREADY!!" She then took a textbook and hit him across the head, waking him up. "I'M UP" Noah blurted out. He shook his head and looked around. "Wha-what happened?" Cody looked at him and said "You were blasted by Owen, and Heather hit you with a book!" So he wouldn't be confused, Cody pointed out who was who in the class. After that, the teacher came in, introduced the new student, and went on the usual way. Noah and Cody sat next to each other in the class. They were seated in the middle rows, only a few feet away from Heather who thought to herself "He's... he's actually kinda cute..."

    When the bell rang, all the students piled out of the high school and left for the day. Cody and Noah went to their lockers, and prepped to leave the high school. "Did you move back in to your old house?" Cody asked "Not really. We moved into this house on Omega Road, nearby a Starlight Theater." Noah answered. The two boys left the front building and headed for their rides. "Did you walk here? Cause I can give you a lift home!" Cody asked. Noah shook his head and said "I rode my bike here. I can get home on my own dude!" Before they parted, Noah and Cody exchanged phone numbers and headed off. Cody walked to his Avalon and Noah left to his mountain bike. Some hours later, when Noah was on his laptop, his cell phone rang. It was Cody who called. He asked if Noah ever played "Kosmic Kaos". "I grew up with that!" Noah answered. They soon went on about the game when Cody told Noah about his crush "She's a total hottie Noah! But she's with someone else!" Noah then asked Cody "What about this Sierra girl?" "How did you-" Cody started "The guy in the beanie told me!" Noah responded with an evil chuckle "She's just love-struck, I think...." Cody scratched his head and said "Well, you may not know that Heather was looking at you today." Noah sat up and asked "Who was?" "I didn't say anything! But you might wanna check her out! I heard she's available!" Cody said with his own evil smile. After sometime the boys hung up their cells and went on with their nights. Noah played 'Metal Gear Solid' until he dosed off, and Cody fooled around with his iPad till he fell asleep.....

Ridgewood City
Oceanside Avenue 11:36 PM

    Alejandro was fast asleep in his dark bedroom, his blanket rested on his bare, tanned, muscular chest with his strong arms on the back of his head, parting some patches of his dark brown hair. He was dreaming alright not of winning the Nobel prize, not of graduating, not of pushing his brother Jose off a cliff into a pack of hungry wolves, nor was he dreaming of pirates again. Alejandro dreamed that night, of his little puppy-dog Noah. He turned onto his side and smiled as he dreamt of the new student. It was a pleasant 'My Crush Is With Me' dreams. He moved his arms around his pillow as he smiled and muttered to himself "Noah...." Alejandro didn't want to wake from his dream. What was going on? He was having a the time of his life with Noah. The two boys spent an entire day with each other doing what high school couples do. At the end of the day, he and Noah ended up alone in a wildflower meadow, beneath the light of the full moon. They sat with each other and something happened.

    Noah playfully ran his fingers through Alejandro's hair, causing him to purr like a cat. Alejandro wrapped his arms around the little guy and whispered into his ear "My little puppy-dog...". Soon after that, Noah sat up and kissed his forehead, with is shirt partly open showing part of his chest. This caused Alejandro to take his arms, pull him in, and press his lips against Noah's.As the two locked lips with each other, Alejandro gently set Noah on his back against the flowers, giving his puppy-dog a seductive smile. Noah un-buttoned his shirt, Alejandro did the same... shirtless, Alejandro propped himself on top of his lover as Noah took his hands on Alejandro's ..... uh.... er-I uhh... I'm not gonna tell you what happens next, but I think you might know where this is going, so let's skip ahead to this: "Noah!" Alejandro said out loud as he woke up on his stomach and a wet spot on his pillow. He scanned the room and rested back on his bed with his legs pushed up close to the cat beside him. He checked the time: 12:11 AM. Alejandro pressed his face into the pillow as the cat nuzzled up against him. "....I'm in love alright," he said to himself quietly "But earlier...." At the start of his dream, he remembered while he was with Noah, Cody showed up and took Noah away. He recalled getting his puppy-dog back from him, and as they left Cody wasn't giving up "You cant keep him forever!" Noah looked up at him and asked "Are you gonna..." He then placed a finger against Noah's lips and rung a little bell. "COOOOODYYYY!!!" Sierra showed up and chased Cody down "OH CRAP" was the last thing Cody said as he ran off from the purple haired girl.

    He knew it, Alejandro wanted to be with Noah, but he might have one problem: Cody Anderson. He knew the two were best friends, but what if Cody makes a move on Noah? What if he steals Noah's heart? He recalled last summer he suffered a not-so-pleasant break-up with his last girlfriend, and didn't want a repeat of what... exactly happened. What makes things worse is that he doesn't do so well with rejection. "If I just spend some time with Noah, get him away from Cody, I'm sure my little puppy-dog will come around.... eventually" He scratched his cat and asked "Isn't that right, Tony?" He lifted his cat in the dark as he went Meow and licked his finger. Alejandro laid back down and fell asleep, picking up were his dream left off. Like I said, not telling you whats going on!!! Eh...
A pokeball!
I told you!! :D

I now have part four of Cody and Noah up for your happiness! Now weres my cookie!? Chocolate chip, not oatmeal raisin like last time!!! It took me sometime to write this since Im going through a bit of a block and I want to finish "Jacob and Sabryna" Comment in my journal if you have an idea of what I should put in Part Five!

Can Noah survive his new english class, even with Cody?
Does Heather have a crush on Noah?
Is Sierra in this class as well?
Will Noah give Heather a smile?
Who did Heather break up with?
What will Alejandro do to be with Noah?
Will he allow his pequeno cachorro de perro to remain friends with Cody?
What color is his cat?

Does Noah know about Alejandro's attraction?
Is this story good so far?
Should I finish "Jacob and Sabryna"?

Where is Waldo?
Wait for Part Five! As soon as I think of what to put!

Part 5: [link]
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